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Rosleskhoz: a forest area lease contract may be terminated prematurely through a court ruling

3 October 2023 ` 18:07  
Elena Borodavkina, Head of Legal Support and Forest Use Administration at the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz), explained that Federal Law dated 29.12.2022 No. 600-FZ “On introducing changes in the Forest Code of the Russian Federation”, which was adopted...

Rosleskhoz: 11 investment projects on wooden housing construction are being implemented in the Northwestern Federal District

28 September 2023 ` 18:59  
The greatest number of priority investment projects in the forest sector is concentrated in the Northwestern Federal District. Specifically, 11 of them are aimed at producing structures and materials for wooden housing construction, as reported by the press...

Rosleskhoz: illegal harvesting reduced by 36% in Russia over 6 months of 2023

23 August 2023 ` 11:33  
The top 5 regions by illegal harvesting reduction are the Irkutsk Region (a reduction by 46,000 m³), the Amur Region (by 22,100 m³), the Tyumen Region (7,500 m³), the Sverdlovsk Region (by 7,000 m³), and the Zabaykalsky Region...

In 2022, Russian timber harvesting volumes dropped to the lowest level in the last 9 years

22 August 2023 ` 12:33  
The Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz) published the final data on harvesting volumes in 2022. According to the Agency, in 2022, the Russian timber harvest dropped by 13% YoY, down to 194.6 million m³ — the lowest since 2014....

President of the Russian Federation signed a law simplifying interactions between timber businesses and the authorities

21 August 2023 ` 19:08  
The adopted law stipulates the implementation of a digital forest twin (FGIS LK, Timber Industry Federal State Information system) across the entire country starting from Q1 2024, Rosleskhoz reports. The electronic state timber register will be maintained electronically,...

In 2022, Rosleskhoz approved 18 applications for implementation of priority investment projects in the forest sector

9 February 2023 ` 14:58  
In November and December 2022, the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz) approved 4 applications, i.e., from Volga JSC (Nizhny Novgorod Region), Promtech-Invest (Komi), Starwood, and Angara-Timberline (Irkutsk Region), with the total AAC of 3.4 million m³. Volga JSC: upgrading...

Rosleskhoz: the forest industry accounted for 0.8% of the country’s GDP in 2022

9 February 2023 ` 13:24  
The forest industry contributed around 1 trillion rubles to the Russian economy in 2022, Ivan Sovetnikov, Head of the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz), said in an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. It has grown by more than 1.5 times...