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WHATWOOD Products Woodworking Russian Softwood Sawmills 2021-2022

Russian Softwood Sawmills 2021-2022

The study includes detailed information about the 100 largest Russian producers of softwood lumber:

  1. brands and models of installed equipment;
  2. rated capacity, actual production and exports by the end of the last year;
  3. leading export markets for sawn timber (countries and volumes);
  4. exports of wood chips, sawdust and pellets produced by the plant, leading consumers in Russia and abroad;
  5. timber specifications;
  6. priority investment project statuses, its characteristics.

In the appendices to the study, you will also find:

  1. infographics: location of mills on the map of Russia with both rated capacity and actual production (general map of Russia, North-West, Siberia, and Far East);
  2. infographics: Russia’s share in world softwood lumber markets;
  3. infographics: sawmilling equipment models installed at the largest lumber mills on the map of Russia;
  4. prices for Russian sawn timber in Europe, Egypt, China, Korea and Japan;
  5. prices and volumes of lumber imports into Japan;
  6. contacts of the sales departments of Top 50 lumber mills;
  7. table with leading importers of Russian timber in Europe, Middle East and Asia (bonus: contacts of the purchase departments of the leading European importers);
  8. monthly lumber exports from Russia in the last year by wood species and importing countries.

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