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Plywood production in Russia fell by 41.2% in January

22 February 2023 ` 20:36  
In January 2023, Russian plywood production fell by 41.2% YoY to 203,000 m³, according to Rosstat. Compared to December 2022, plywood production decreased by 10.4%.

In 2022, plywood production in Russia fell to its ten-year low

2 February 2023 ` 18:19  
According to the published data of Rosstat, in 2022 the volume of Russian plywood production decreased by 28.8% YoY to 3.241 million m³, which is the minimum indicator over the past ten years. Annual production rolled back to...

US hardwood plywood imports fall 21%

26 January 2023 ` 11:19  
US imports of hardwood plywood declined by 21% in November, falling to their lowest level since January 2021. The 220,249 m³ imported was 22.5% less than that of November 2021., ITTO reported. Imports from Russia, which inexplicably inflated in October,...

Egypt imports Russian plywood at record-setting rates

1 December 2022 ` 13:21  
After July 8, 2022, when supplies of almost all timber products from Russia to EU countries virtually stopped, the average monthly export of Russian plywood plummeted by a half in physical terms. In May and June 2022, just...

Russian plywood production increases for the first time in a long time

24 November 2022 ` 13:34  
According to Rosstat, in October 2022, compared to the previous month, plywood production increased by 8.7%. In September 2022, there was also growth, but only by 0.1%, which rather indicates a halt in the decline in plywood production...

Plywood prices keep reducing in the Russian market

20 October 2022 ` 19:36  
In September, retail prices of Grade 4 square plywood dropped by 13% compared to last month, according to the monthly price review by WhatWood Agency. For instance, a cubic meter of 10 mm plywood (interior grade plywood, 1525х1525,...

ITTO: US plywood imports from Russia more than doubled in August

17 October 2022 ` 18:52  
After four months of decline, US imports of hardwood plywood bounced back in August, gaining 11% over the previous month, according to the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). However, the 302,300 m³ imported was 7.4% less than the...

In January-August 2022, Russian plywood production decreased by 23.9%

29 September 2022 ` 11:06  
According to Rosstat, in January-August 2022, Russia reduced plywood production by 23.9% YoY to 2.336 million m³. The decline in production in August compared to July amounted to 3.7%.

UK detects Russian origin of imported Chinese plywood

6 September 2022 ` 22:27  
Timber Development UK (TDUK), has issued a trade alert urging vigilance to ensure no plywood offered by Asian manufacturers to UK importers contains birch originating in Russia. TDUK note that a worrying development has emerged in recent weeks...

In July 2022, Russian plywood production fell by more than 40%

26 August 2022 ` 11:36  
According to Rosstat, in July 2022, Russia reduced plywood production by 42.4% YoY, producing just over 220,000 m³. In January-July 2022, Russian plywood production decreased by 20.9% YoY to 2.12 million m³.

US hardwood plywood imports continue downward

24 August 2022 ` 16:20  
US imports of hardwood plywood fell for a third straight month, declining by 9% in June, ITTO reports. The 296,900 m³ imported was the lowest volume month of the year and was 2.3% less than the previous June. Imports...

Plywood production in Russia down 16% in 1H 2022

27 July 2022 ` 20:59  
In 1H 2022, plywood production in Russia decreased by 16% YoY to 1.9 million m³, according to Rosstat. Production declines for the fourth month in a row: in June 2022 it decreased by 1.6% compared to the previous...