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Forest legislation

Russia may increase the number of border security checkpoints for transporting roundwood from Belarus

January 16, 2024 ` 19:09  
Moscow sees no reason not to increase the number of checkpoints equipped for roundwood export from Belarus across the Russian territory; it only requires the corresponding infrastructure. This was announced by Alexey Overchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of the...

Duration of expert review of changes in Forest Land Use Plans was reduced

December 18, 2023 ` 20:44  
Regional timber agencies shall now review changes in Forest Land Use Plans within 11 working days for timber harvesting and no longer than 8 working days in all other cases. They could previously review amendments in these Plans...

Procedure of submitting a forest use report will be simplified from September 1, 2024

December 18, 2023 ` 20:38  
At the moment, forest users can only sign this industry-specific document with an enhanced qualified electronic signature, but starting from September 1, 2024, they will be able to do that with a basic electronic signature. The corresponding amendments...

Timber products export by trucks to Mongolia and China was allowed for two more years

December 5, 2023 ` 19:27  
The Government of the Russian Federation extended by 2 years the period when exporting certain types of timber products by trucks via border crossing points located on the Russian–Chinese and Russian–Mongolian sections of the state border is allowed,...

Russian Government introduced export duties on wood pulp, paper, and cardboard

December 4, 2023 ` 17:08  
As of October 1, 2023, the Government is introducing flexible export duties on a wide range of products, pegged to the ruble exchange rate. The list includes pulp and paper products, i.e., wood pulp, paper, and cardboard. This...

Russian exporters are now obliged to sell their foreign currency revenue

November 2, 2023 ` 21:49  
The President of Russia signed Executive Order “On implementing mandatory sale of revenue in a foreign currency received by certain Russian exporters under foreign trade contracts (agreements)”. This document has not been published yet; its key provisions were...

Rosleskhoz: a forest area lease contract may be terminated prematurely through a court ruling

October 3, 2023 ` 18:07  
Elena Borodavkina, Head of Legal Support and Forest Use Administration at the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz), explained that Federal Law dated 29.12.2022 No. 600-FZ “On introducing changes in the Forest Code of the Russian Federation”, which was adopted...