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WhatWood’s visual graphic posts about various forest industry products and markets.

Russian Forest Industry Review in 2022-2023: a quarterly analytical review

April 13, 2023 ` 12:38  
Analysts from the WhatWood agency prepared the quarterly analytical Russian Forest Industry Review in 2022-2023. This is a completely new product that includes a detailed analysis of the condition of Russian timber industry segments and its key trends....

WhatWood study: Kronospan launched Russia’s fourth OSB production

October 28, 2014 ` 05:27  
Kronospan holding has launched Russia’s fourth OSB mill in in Egorievsk, Moscow region (after Hillman, Novovyatsky LK and DOK Kalevala) with a capacity of 350,000 m3, this is stated in the updated study by WhatWood agency “OSB market...

Base prices for Russian softwood timber in Europe in 2013

March 2, 2014 ` 18:10  
Exports of softwood timber from Russia to Europe amounted to 4.36 million m3 in 2013. The countries of Baltic region and North Sea constitute the major market there, the largest importers being Finland, Germany, Estonia, France, UK, and...

Global Wood, Timber and Pulp & Paper Conferences 2014

January 20, 2014 ` 16:08  
Click on the image to enlarge it: This infographics presents industry conferences known to WhatWood which seem to be the most valuable for businesses dealing with the Russian timber & PPI market. These events are held mostly apart...

Lumber prices in China

November 14, 2013 ` 17:07  
The value of imports of softwood lumber to China in January-September 2013 increased by 25.9% year-on-year to reach $2.64 billion. After the slowdown in 2012, the rise of the housing market in the country triggered a boom for...

Log prices in Finland

August 2, 2013 ` 06:28  
Apart from well-developed own logging, Finland also delivers wood from neighbouring countries like Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. They mainly supply hardwood pulplogs and plylogs for the Finnish pulp & paper and panel industry in addition to...

Wooden housing construction in Russia in 2012

July 24, 2013 ` 22:38  
For the second year in a row, WhatWood has made infographics based on the Wood Housing Association report on the housing market in Russia. More details are published in the recent WhatWood Weekly issue. Among Russian regions, wooden...

Softwood lumber exports to Egypt

July 18, 2013 ` 17:20  
An insight into an important sales market of Russian lumber producers in today’s infographics. More details are published in the recent WhatWood Weekly issue. Russia competes mainly with Sweden and Finland on the Egyptian lumber market. Recently, due...

Russian pellets on the global market

June 26, 2013 ` 20:35  
New piece of visual graphics tells about sales markets for Russian pellets. Detailed review of export and comparative import prices for pellets from different countries on key markets for Russia is presented in #74 WhatWood Weekly issue. In...

Lumber imports to Japan: volumes and prices

June 20, 2013 ` 02:48  
Today’s infographics is dedicated to the market of imported softwood lumber in Japan: major commodity streams and price dynamics are presented. You can learn more on Japanese lumber import volumes and prices for planed and non-planed lumber of...