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Apr 16, 2016 - Full picture of prices, tradeflows and capacities in the Russian lumber industry: monthly index + review of Top 50 softwood sawmills


In this feed, only small part of the news about Russian timber industry and global trends is published. You may find detailed analytic articles, news about investment projects and Russian forest legislation, price charts and other materials in our digital journal and analytic studies.

WhatWood: Market capacity of white plywood in Moscow region in 2015 amounted to 0.5m m3

June 23, 2016 ` 08:42  
In 2015, Russia had about 65 enterprises for the production of plywood. Total production amounted to 3.6 million m3 (+1.9% compared to 2014), of which 2.1 million m3 were sold to export markets, as reported in a recent...

Russian timber industry news #11-2016

June 23, 2016 ` 07:30  
- Kiev cardboard and paper mill (Ukraine, belongs to Pulp Mill Holding along with Russia’s Arkhangelsk PPM) became completely independent of the Russian market of wastepaper: over a four-month ban on the wastepaper exports from Russia, the plant...

Global timber market review #11-2016

June 23, 2016 ` 07:27  
- Latest EU import data shows that tropical plywood has continued to lose share in the EU plywood market over the last two years, ITTO reported. Tropical hardwood faced plywood has lost share mainly to Chinese plywood faced...

Russian timber industry news #10-2016

June 3, 2016 ` 15:53  
- The Russian market of laminate flooring in 2016 will remain on the last year’s level. According to the experts of Kastamonu, the total consumption of laminate flooring in 2016 will be about 80 million m2. “The stagnation...

Global timber market review #10-2016

June 3, 2016 ` 15:51  
- With declining log inventories at the Chinese ports (about 40% lower than the same time last year) and an uptick in demand for wood in the domestic market, importation of logs has been trending upwards in the...

Russian timber industry news #9-2016

May 27, 2016 ` 11:37  
- The Central Asian and Northern African markets remained difficult in the Q1 2016, as Rusforest mentioned in its quarterly report. However, the company managed to redirect more low-quality product sales to the Japanese market instead. - Pomorskaya...

Global timber market review #9-2016

May 27, 2016 ` 11:34  
- On May 1, insolvency proceedings on the bankrupt German Pellets Group were opened. The company is now managed by insolvency administrator, and its mills are gradually acquired by various investors. - A trial is underway at the...

In Q1 2016, Russian softwood lumber exports reached a historic high of 5.2m m3

May 11, 2016 ` 22:51  
In March 2016, the sales of softwood lumber from Russia to foreign markets grew by 32% (m/m), or by 5.5% year on year to 2.2 million m3. The value was $256 million, which is 30% higher than last...

Russian timber industry news #7/8-2016

May 11, 2016 ` 22:44  
- Ilim Group has announced the investment of $2 billion in development of its production facilities in the next five years. The company plans to increase annual output by 500 thousand tonnes during this time. - Chinese Hubei...

Global timber market review #7/8-2016

May 11, 2016 ` 22:36  
- The Japanese government has reassessed the state of the economy and cited weakness in consumer and corporate sentiment as undermining the progress made to-date. Domestic weakness is exacerbated by uncertainty in global markets and slowdown in emerging...

WhatWood: in February 2016, softwood lumber exports from Russia grew 29% to 1.7 million m3

April 7, 2016 ` 18:30  
In February 2016, deliveries of softwood lumber from Russia to foreign markets rose by 29% (m/m). On the annual basis, exports also increased by 6.7% to 1.7 million m3. The value of exports amounted to $198 million, which...

Russian timber industry news #6-2016

April 7, 2016 ` 18:27  
- Lesozavod 25 (Sawmill 25, Arkhangelsk region) is investing RUR 4.8 billion in the modernization of Arkhangelsk LDK-3 sawmill acquired in late 2014 from Rusforest. The project will be implemented until 2018 in two phases. The first one...

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