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WhatWood agency is the only Russian consulting company with core specialization in the timber industry analytics. Within almost five years of timber market research we provided services to 110 clients in 15 countries from Finland to Canada, from UK to Korea: industrial companies, banks, investors, government agencies, scientific organizations, and individual entrepreneurs. We have unique contact and knowledge base, as well as deep understanding of the regional industry and market in Russia. We give presentations at major industry events and are cited by the main Russian business media. To get in touch with us, please visit the About Us page. You can also browse the catalogue of our products.

Russian timber industry news #16-2016

September 18, 2016 ` 21:58  
- Segezha Group may engage in the production of CLT panels, said the President of the company Sergey Pomelov in an interview with Vedomosti business paper. The group also plans to increase production volumes and reduce costs at...

Global timber market review #16-2016

September 18, 2016 ` 21:40  
- Finland’s export volume of sawn timber grew by 15% in January-June 2016, Fordaq reported. The export value totalled EUR 650m. Managing Director of Finnish Sawmills association, Kai Merivuori, says the profitability of the sawmill industry in Finland...

Forest industry professional holiday: -50% for all WhatWood products until Sep 19

September 18, 2016 ` 09:30  
Dear colleagues, On September 18th, Russian forest & timber industry specialists celebrate their professional holiday. On this occassion, we’re glad to announce a special offer: until the end of Monday, September 19th, all studies from our catalogue cost...

Plywood exports from Russia grew 18% to 1.3m m3 in the first half of 2016

September 7, 2016 ` 01:15  
Out of Top 10 importers of Russian plywood, only Turkey cut delivery volumes by 7% down to 67,000 m3. The other leaders were ramping up imports steadily. The largest buyer were the U.S. with 169,000 m3 (+22% yoy),...

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: Review of investment agreements and key ideas

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, held on June 16-18, businessmen and regional officials discussed a number of timber projects. - Segezha Group may build a plywood mill in the Vologda region - The group will also...

Russian timber industry news #14-15-2016

September 6, 2016 ` 02:51  
- Egger launched an MDF/HDF production line in the Smolensk region with a capacity of 350,000 m3. It will produce MDF of standard quality and for deep milling (for hypermarket networks selling construction materials and for the furniture...

Global timber market review #14-15-2016

September 6, 2016 ` 02:37  
- The global engineered wood products market will be driven by demand for cost-effective and environmentally friendly wood products all through 2020 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 26%, as said in the report prepared...

Russian timber industry news #13-2016

July 21, 2016 ` 22:05  
- Valmet will deliver a biomass-fired boiler plant and related automation and environmental systems to Segezha pulpmill in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Equipment delivery is scheduled for 2017. - The head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn has recently...

Global timber market review #13-2016

July 21, 2016 ` 21:55  
- China Wood Importers Committee organized a delegation of wood importers to mid-west China to visit ports and manufacturers. The steady development of the economy in mid-western cities in China and the possibility of supply shortage after the...

Russian timber industry news #12-2016

July 10, 2016 ` 12:51  
- The Far Eastern company Arkaim is going to open plant for the production of antioxidants from raw wood in bonded zone Xinglong in China’s Changchun. “We plan to process here larch into antioxidants and prebiotics. These products...

Global timber market review #12-2016

July 10, 2016 ` 12:46  
- After the excellent annual result in 2015 with an increase of 10.9% and in total over 100m EPAL pallets, 73.6m of which were newly produced EPAL Euro pallets, the upward trend is continuing in the first quarter...

Kirov region governor arrested for suspected bribe from timber companies: case in detail

July 6, 2016 ` 17:56  
The investigation Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh on the fact of receiving a bribe for a total amount of €400 thousand from the owners of Novovyatsky ski...

About WhatWood project

WhatWood is the only agency in Russia whose key specialization is the timber industry analytics. We deal in marketing support and consulting of timber industry projects. All specialists of our company have industry-specific education and have been working in this field since 2008; the agency was founded in 2012.

The agency publishes Annual Review (detailed account of industry and market situation, investment projects, forest legislation, trade balance and logging costs) and digital Russian Timber Journal (bi-weekly review of trends, outlooks and prices in the industry), prepares custom studies and performs search of suppliers and sales markets.

Among agency customers are industry companies, investors and private entrepreneurs from Russia, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

You can learn more about our agency at the “About us” page.