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Tapani Kiiski, President and CEO of Raute Corporation: “The Russian market has been among the most important ones for Raute over the past 10 years”

November 1, 2021 ` 19:53  
Raute (Finland) is the world’s leading maker of plywood, veneer and LVL producing equipment. Most Russian plywood mills are equipped with Raute machines, and in H1 2021, Russia accounted for more than a half of the company’s sales....

ULK Group upgraded its green sawn timber sorting line at Pestovsky LPK

October 29, 2021 ` 22:38  
The plant located in the Novgorod Region completed installation and setup of the cross-section measuring instrument at the raw sorting area of the sawmilling shop. The new equipment is supposed to improve the accuracy of sawn timber sorting...

Automatic plywood sorting line installed at Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Mill

October 19, 2021 ` 12:54  
The launch of a new automatic line will reduce the proportion of manual labor by 50% and increase the production efficiency. Investments in the project amounted to about 70 million rubles. Тhe key component of the new sorting...

Sveza’s facility in St. Petersburg resumes operation after scheduled equipment maintenance

October 8, 2021 ` 17:51  
Sveza’s facility in St. Petersburg has completed its scheduled preventive equipment maintenance and is now back in operation. The full scope of maintenance — 16 types of activities, affecting almost the entire production process — required 2 weeks...

Microtec is going to install Finscan sorting systems at Pinezhsky LPK

July 29, 2021 ` 18:07  
Finscan is an automatic sawn timber sorting system using Buzzard – an artificial intelligence-based application. Besides identifying wood defects, the system is capable of identifying knots and rot with high precision, improving the quality and output of produced...

A new veneer surfacing-and-jointing line put into operation at Sveza’s mill in St. Petersburg

June 17, 2021 ` 16:44  
The value of investments in the project amounted to about 50 million rubles. The new line is capable of “sewing” up to 10,000 m³ of veneer per year, which will increase the annual output of large-sized plywood. The...