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News on Russian pulp and paper industry.

Huhtamaki to initiate process to divest its Russian operations

April 15, 2022 ` 18:15  
Huhtamaki has decided to initiate the process to divest its operations in Russia. This follows an earlier decision to stop all investments in Russia. Huhtamaki considers that the current evolution of the situation and the long-term outlook in...

Svetogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill may suspend production due to a shortage of raw material

March 29, 2022 ` 20:04  
Svetogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill may reduce its output or temporarily suspend production due to a shortage of raw material. This was reported by the press office of Sylvamo (USA) that owns the mill. The mill located in...

UPM will cease deliveries to Russia

March 4, 2022 ` 14:15  
UPM will cease its deliveries to Russia for the time being. UPM businesses will keep the Russian customers and suppliers informed of the situation. In Russia, UPM employs 800 persons most of whom work at the Chudovo plywood...

Stora Enso stops all production and sales in Russia

March 2, 2022 ` 17:51  
Stora Enso announced that they will stop all production and sales in Russia until further notice. Stora Enso has three corrugated packaging plants and two wood products sawmills in Russia (according to WhatWood, the total annual sawn timber...

In January 2022, wood pulp production increased in Russia

March 1, 2022 ` 20:05  
According to the data of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) in January 2022, the output of Russian wood pulp increased by 2.1% YoY to 785,000 tons. Paper and cardboard production increased over the reporting period by 8%...

Andritz to supply a new wood handling plant to RK-Grand, Karelia region, Russia

February 24, 2022 ` 13:06  
International technology group Andritz has received an order from RK-Grand, Russia, to deliver a new wood handling plant for its Pitkyaranta pulp mill in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Start-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023....

Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill will start production of waste paperboard

February 23, 2022 ` 15:53  
Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill plans to build the first machine for the production of waste paperboard (KDM-4) within its industrial site. The machine will run on secondary fiber, which is an innovation in the corporate environmental agenda....

Segezha Group improves the environment by completely replacing precipitators at Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill

February 23, 2022 ` 00:25  
Segezha Group launched the final stage of its long-term environmental programme to overhaul soda recovery boilers and replace electrostatic precipitators at Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill. The total project cost is approximately RUB 2 billion. The project has...

According to the results of 2021 Arkhbum JSC increased the production of corrugated products by 16.1%

February 22, 2022 ` 10:44  
Arkhbum JSC (Russian corrugated product division of the Austrian Group of companies Pulp Mill Holding GmbH) by the end of 2021 demonstrated an increase in production indicators compared to the previous period. In 2021, the enterprises belonging to...

Arkhbum Tissue Group increased output of products by 32% in 2021

February 18, 2022 ` 23:50  
In 2021 Arkhbum Tissue Group Ltd (IE Vorsino, Kaluga region, part of the Austrian Pulp Mill Holding Group of Companies) has significantly increased production and financial indicators compared to the corresponding period of the last year. At the...