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WHATWOOD Products Woodworking WhatWood Monthly Russian Lumber Report

WhatWood Monthly Russian Lumber Report

Do you want to stay up-to-date about what’s happening at your competitors in the Russian softwood lumber industry?

On a monthly basis, WhatWood agency publishes a report on the Russian sawmilling industry with a focus on key export markets for softwood lumber.

WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report is the only analytic product in the Russian media field which contains important and detailed information on the softwood lumber markets.

Every day we monitor closely the situation in the sawmilling industry of Russia and the world, tracking all key trends in the export markets of softwood lumber, and analyze sales volumes and channels of all Russian manufacturers.

Sign up for the WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report and you’ll obtain:

— Price index for main softwood lumber specifications by species:

  • Spruce edge-sawn / planed (Picea abies Karst.)
  • Pine edge-sawn / planed (Pinus sylvestris)
  • Larch edge-sawn / planed (Larix Sibirica&Daurica)
  • Spruce edge-sawn / planed (Picea Obovata)

— Price index for Russian softwood lumber by global regions:

  • Europe (Germany, Belgium, UK, Estonia, Finland, France)
  • CIS
  • China
  • Japan
  • MENA (Egypt)

— The volume of Russian exports of softwood lumber to the main consumer markets: Japan, Europe, CIS, China, Egypt

— TOP 10 exporters of softwood lumber to the key export markets: Japan, Europe, CIS, China, Egypt

— The largest consumers of Russian softwood lumber at the key markets

— Analysis of trends in the sawmilling industry of Russia and the key export markets of softwood lumber

— Verified and timely information on your competitors in the Russian sawmilling

— Up-to-date information on the lumber production in Russia: volumes, sales markets, price indices, behaviour of market players

— Monthly update on the exports by over 30 Russian lumber exporters

— Detailed monthly review of major news and trends in the timber industry markets

— Infographics with location of softwood sawmills in Russia

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The report is issued in the 20s of every month in Russian and English languages, in PDF format (12+ pages). The price index is shown on the franco-Russian border terms. The report is based on customs export data. Price and volume stats are calculated since January 2010.

The price below is shown for annual subscription.

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If you have questions concerning this study, you can also call us at +7 905 704 5133 (Moscow time: GMT +3).


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