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The USA is becoming the biggest importer of Russian OSB

28 July 2021 ` 21:12  
Based on April 2021 performance, OSB export from Russia to the USA reached unprecedented volumes – 9,568 m³ by volume and $4.53 million by value. As a result, the US share in the export structure of Russian OSB...

In 2020, China reduced imports of sawnwood by 11%

16 April 2021 ` 17:25  
According to data from China’s Customs, 2020 sawnwood imports totalled 33.86 million m³ valued at $7.68 billion, a year on year decrease of 11% both in volume and in value. Of total sawnwood imports, sawn softwood imports fell...

Chinese hardwood log imports fell 17% in 2020

1 April 2021 ` 19:08  
Chinese hardwood log imports in 2020 fell 17% to 12.64 million m³ (21% of the national total log imports). The average price for imported hardwood logs in 2020 was $232/m³ (CIF), down 6% on 2019.

Ukraine extends the duty on the import of fiberboards from Russia

16 March 2021 ` 18:53  
Ukraine will revise the 31.58% anti-dumping duty on the import of wet-process hard fiberboards from Russia due to the expiration of the 5-year period of its application. The duty has been extended for the revision period initiated by...

EU27 tropical sawnwood imports fall 16%

11 March 2021 ` 18:11  
In quantity terms, EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood declined 16% to 726,200 m³ in the first eleven months of 2020. Imports fell sharply from all major supply countries; down 18% from Cameroon to 257,700 m³, 13% from Brazil...

US hardwood plywood imports rose in 2020

26 February 2021 ` 17:33  
Despite an 18% drop in December 2020, US imports of hardwood plywood ended 2020 up 6% in volume over the previous year. Imports from China were down 35% in 2020 while imports from Indonesia and Ecuador both increased...

US tropical sawnwood imports plunge in 2020

17 February 2021 ` 18:31  
The volume of sawn tropical hardwood imported by the US fell by 34% in 2020 from 243,884 m³ in 2019 to 161,179 m³ in 2020. Imports rose 15% in December to 14,687 m³, the highest level since August,...

In January-November 2020, Russia reduced imports of furniture

21 January 2021 ` 11:11  
In January-November 2020, the cost of furniture imports to Russia decreased by 5.2% YoY to 1.7 billion, according to the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

US wooden furniture imports surpass $2 billion in November 2020

20 January 2021 ` 19:51  
Monthly US imports of wooden furniture surpassed $2 billion for the first time in November. Imports rose 4%, growing for the sixth straight month. Despite the record growth, year to November imports were down about 1% from last...

Tropical hardwood imports held steady in October 2020 in U.S.

25 December 2020 ` 19:33  
Imports of sawn tropical hardwood rose only 2% in October as imports for 2020 continue to lag far below those of 2019, reports ITTO. The 13,491 m³ imported was more than 38% below the volume imported in October of...

US reduces antidumping duties on Canadian timber

3 December 2020 ` 18:24  
The U.S. Department of Commerce reduced its penalties against imports of Canadian timber, primarily from B.C. producers, in the softwood timber dispute. An administrative review of countervailing and anti-dumping duties reduced the tariffs to an average of 9%...

EUTR to become UK domestic legislation starting January 1, 2021

12 November 2020 ` 19:14  
The European Timber Regulation and Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) will no longer apply in the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021. The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT will become UK domestic legislation as the...