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WhatWood Log and timber prices

Log and timber prices

As an example of prices published in our digital analytic bulletins Russian Timber Journal and WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report, we show a small part of it at this page. The price section of the journal includes over 25 pages of charts and tables with prices for sawn timber, pellets, logs, wood-based panels, and pulp & paper products. You may watch the full list of charts and tables here.

# Commodity and measurement unit Data source Indicator Period
1 Birch pulpwood of internal logging in Finland, €/m3  Metla 28.72 05-2016
2 Non-planed Russian larch lumber in Germany, WhatWood index, $/m3 WhatWood 264 07-2016
3 Non-planed Russian pine lumber in Egypt, WhatWood index, $/m3 WhatWood 157 07-2016
4 Non-planed pine lumber from Russia in Japan, $/m3 Finance ministry, Japan 289 05-2016

1 – price over bark, VAT exclusive, based on contract data (82% of contracts are stumpage, 18% – roadside).
2 – analysis of Customs data by WhatWood.
3 – analysis of Customs data by WhatWood.
4 – average statistic price of imports.