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JSC Volga increases the share of railroad shipments

29 April 2021 ` 18:24  
At the end of February 2021, JSC Volga started shipping finished products from the Nizhny Novgorod region to China by rail via the port of Vladivostok. The new option will reduce the cost of transportation and shorten the...

In 2020, China reduced imports of sawnwood by 11%

16 April 2021 ` 17:25  
According to data from China’s Customs, 2020 sawnwood imports totalled 33.86 million m³ valued at $7.68 billion, a year on year decrease of 11% both in volume and in value. Of total sawnwood imports, sawn softwood imports fell...

Timber exporters from Irkutsk are experiencing difficulties in shipping products to China

7 April 2021 ` 16:47  
When interviewed by FederalPress, Yury Logachev, president of the regional Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters, said that the problem had been persisting for several months. “It leads to failures to fulfill contractual obligations, financial losses, decreased revenues...

Chinese hardwood log imports fell 17% in 2020

1 April 2021 ` 19:08  
Chinese hardwood log imports in 2020 fell 17% to 12.64 million m³ (21% of the national total log imports). The average price for imported hardwood logs in 2020 was $232/m³ (CIF), down 6% on 2019.

Onega Sawmills shipped the first container train loaded with sawn timber

5 February 2021 ` 18:39  
Onega Sawmills dispatched a full container train loaded with finished products to China for the first time. The train consisting of 62 large-capacity containers will deliver 2,800 m³ of sawn timber to the Celestial Empire. The train departs from...

Ilim Group has summed up the results of its export operations in China in 2020

2 February 2021 ` 17:50  
In 2020, Ilim Group reached a record-high export volume of 1.66 million tons (including 1.49 million tons of pulp and 170 thousand tons of paperboard), which is 33.2 times higher than export volumes in 1996 when Ilim first...

Projected construction of a timber industry complex on the Sakhalin island, Russia, will have the capacity to process over 1.2 million m³ of raw material per year

11 December 2020 ` 18:48  
The ECC (Eurasian Communication Centre) along with WhatWood consultant agency had been tasked by the government of the Sakhalin region to conduct a study of the timber industry’s possible development directions within the Sakhalin area. This article presents...

China-Europe container shortage causes major surge in freight rates

27 November 2020 ` 16:32  
The recovery in China’s manufacturing activity after the Covid-19 lockdown has surged progressively and after a halt caused by quarantine measure in the European countries, demand for Chinese products in Europe has increased. Thus, a shortage of containers...

Slight rise in China’s tropical sawnwood import volume

10 November 2020 ` 18:36  
Of total sawn hardwood imports, China’s tropical sawnwood imports accounted for 2.99 million cubic metres (18% of all sawn hardwood imports) in 1H 2020, up by 2% YoY. The value of these imports was $942 million, down by...

Top 100 Russian timber industry companies by revenue and share

20 October 2020 ` 18:43  
Based on the results of 2018, the combined revenue of the Top 100 timber enterprises skyrocketed to the highest level in Russia’s contemporary history. The main reasons were high prices for timber products in global markets that sustained...