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Lumber imports to Japan: volumes and prices

20 June 2013 ` 02:48  
Today’s infographics is dedicated to the market of imported softwood lumber in Japan: major commodity streams and price dynamics are presented. You can learn more on Japanese lumber import volumes and prices for planed and non-planed lumber of...

Global Trends Review, June 03-09, 2013: surging lumber prices in Japan; growing export wood trade in early 2013; further shift of board & paper capacities

11 June 2013 ` 03:48  
To stop long lasting deflation, Japanese government took monetary easing policy, which depreciated yen’s exchange rate sharply in short time, ITTO reported. The yen/dollar rate was 78 last autumn, now it plunged to 102. Also the yen depreciated...

Global Trends Review, May 13-19, 2013: OSB demand in China predicted to grow; new board capacities to appear in China and India

24 May 2013 ` 11:10  
In the latest contracts concluded with buyers in East Asia, Baltic shippers have agreed increases of €25-30/m3 on the softwood lumber prices that applied in the first quarter, EUWID Wood reported. In North Africa, prices in the hitherto...

Finland may become wood supplier for Karelia

26 April 2013 ` 20:37  
Private Finnish forest owners are ready to supply wood to the Russian market, as head of the forest division of the Central Union of agricultural producers and forest owners in Finland Juha Hakkarainen said in an interview to...

OSB market in Russia: consumption and supply regional pattern, import value and Russian mill projects

8 April 2013 ` 04:21  
This new two-part infographics discloses the OSB market in Russia in 2012: consumption and supply regional pattern, statistic customs import value, and Russian OSB mill projects under way. You can learn more on the matter in the recent...