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WhatWood Infographics Russian pellets on the global market

Russian pellets on the global market

26 June 2013 ` 20:35  

New piece of visual graphics tells about sales markets for Russian pellets. Detailed review of export and comparative import prices for pellets from different countries on key markets for Russia is presented in #74 WhatWood Weekly issue.

In 2012, Russia stood as fifth largest exporter of wood pellets after USA, Canada, Latvia, and Germany with 728,540 tonnes. Most of the producers are located in North-West, with the leading supplier being Vyborg forest corporation (VLK) from Leningrad region.

Northern and Central Europe is a major market for pellets which consumes almost the whole global volume. The only exceptions to this are the US, Canada and South Korea. European demand is mostly met by North America (especially in the UK and Benelux countries) as well as internal supply and deliveries from Russia.

Denmark was the largest import market for pellets in 2012 with 2.03 million tonnes. Latvia was the leader on this market, followed by Russia and Estonia.

Sweden imported 487.9 thousand tonnes of wood pellets in 2012. Russia was the largest supplier, followed by Estonia and Denmark.

Italian market is one of the largest in the world: 1.2 million tonnes of pellets were sold in 2012. Austria, Germany and Croatia dominate this market, with Russian being in the 20s.

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Russian pellets on the global market

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