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WhatWood Infographics Base prices for Russian softwood timber in Europe in 2013

Base prices for Russian softwood timber in Europe in 2013

2 March 2014 ` 18:10  

Exports of softwood timber from Russia to Europe amounted to 4.36 million m3 in 2013. The countries of Baltic region and North Sea constitute the major market there, the largest importers being Finland, Germany, Estonia, France, UK, and the Netherlands.

Russia mainly exports non-planed spruce to Europe; to lesser extent, non-planed pine and larch.

Average CFR prices in ports increase with the delivery distance from €160 in the Netherlands to €190 in France, while prices for products delivered by trucks to Central Europe – from €175 in the Czech Republic to €200 in Italy and Switzerland.

Stabilization of demand in key countries (Germany, UK) made it possible for Russian producers to raise prices by the end of the year. In comparison with January, average delivered prices have grown by €10-15 in most cases.

Appreciation of Euro over 2013, especially in the second half of the year, from 40-42 to 45 roubles per €1 also had a positive impact on sawmills’ export revenues.

From now on, you may track base prices (CFR, CIF, DDU, FOB) for Russian timber in 17 countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East with compelling charts in our digital Russian Timber Journal.

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Base prices for Russian softwood timber in Europe in 2013

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