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Log prices in Finland

2 August 2013 ` 06:28  

Apart from well-developed own logging, Finland also delivers wood from neighbouring countries like Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. They mainly supply hardwood pulplogs and plylogs for the Finnish pulp & paper and panel industry in addition to large volumes of own low-grade wood production in Finland, both softwood and hardwood.

At the same time, sawlog demand is mainly met by domestic harvesting. Pine and spruce sawlog price in wood delivery contracts in Finland now fluctuates around €56-57, birch pulpwood price – around €30-31.

WTO accession should boost log exports from Russia to Finland, but this is limited by the law that prohibits exporting timber for those companies that have forestland lease debts. Several Karelian companies, like local Investlesprom affiliates and state-owned Karellesprom, however, managed to settle their debts and resume exporting wood to Finland.

More details are available in the recent WhatWood Weekly issue.

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Log prices in Finland

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