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Segezha Group’s industrial packaging facility in Romania completes its first FSC certification

27 October 2021 ` 18:46  
The Segezha Packaging facility in Ploiești, Romania has just obtained its first FSC international certificate. BM Certification, an independent certification body, carried out the evaluation of the Segezha Packaging facility’s compliance with FSC requirements. It became the fifth...

Segezha Group’s fuel briquettes receive FSC certification

21 October 2021 ` 18:05  
Starting from October this year, the RUF fuel briquettes from Vyatsky Plywood Mill (part of Segezha Group) will bear the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. The production capacity is 15,000 tons/year. The mill was audited by the Russian...

Titan Group has expanded the area of FSC certifed forests

12 January 2021 ` 17:38  
The annual gain of the FSC-certified forests of Titan Group has made 22% (4.7 million he). This is 85% of the holding’s lease and 8% of all the forest territories in Russia where the responsible forest management is...

Runko Group doubled the output of firewood and wood briquettes in 2019

29 April 2020 ` 11:08  
In monetary terms, its total production output reached 667 million rubles. In particular, the company produced 2,450 tons of wood briquettes worth 13.8 million rubles and 12,500 m3 of firewood (worth 52 million rubles). The output of sawn...

Timber companies of the Arkhangelsk region supported the amendments to the Forest Code

16 April 2020 ` 13:52  
The Committee for Forestry, Natural Resources, and Ecology of the Arkhangelsk Regional Parliament prepared a package of proposals on amendments to the RF Forest Code and submitted it to Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of...

FSC-certified forest areas in Russia reached historic highs

25 November 2019 ` 16:38  
In October 2019, the main indicators of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) voluntary forest certification in Russia, i.e. the area of certified forests and the number of forest management and supply chain certificates, reached record-breaking values for the...

Segezha Group certifies deliveries and logging on FSC and PEFC systems

13 March 2019 ` 14:00  
In 2018 all businesses Segezha Group (part of AFK “Sistema”) confirmed the compliance of its activities to the requirements of the voluntary forest certification according to FSC scheme (FSC-C133272). About it reported in a press release sent months...