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Pestovsky LPK suspends production

19 December 2022 ` 17:26  
As of December 1, 2022, Pestovsky LPK (Pestovo, Novgorod Region) suspends its activity for at least half a year. The key reason is the effect of sanctions-related restrictions imposed by Western countries, which entailed a four-fold decline in...

Russian Timber Journal 03-2020: how the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) affects operations of world timber companies; the Russian Government to slash duties on pulpwood of Far Eastern species to zero and increase export quotas by the end of 2020; Russian Forest Industry Review 2019-2020

Russian Timber Journal 03-2020: coronavirus infection was recorded in many countries of the world, the development of the situation showed that COVID-19 has a direct impact on all areas of the economy, including the timber industry — forest...

Pestovsky LPK shipped over 18,000 m3 of sawn timber in February 2020

22 April 2020 ` 02:22  
In February, the plant sawed 46,000 m3 of roundwood, dried 22,000 m3 and sorted over 20,000 m3 of sawn timber. ULK Group is continuing the modernization of Pestovsky LPK. In 2020, it has completed the construction of a...

In January 2019, Pestovsky LPK broke all records: the volume of sawn timber production exceeded 30 thousand cubic meters

12 February 2019 ` 16:00  
For the first time in the history of the Pestovo timber industry, all production indicators were exceeded, most of which in January exceeded 130% of the planned volume. This is reported by the press service of the group...