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Rising Q3/2021 log prices in Sweden

26 November 2021 ` 19:12  

In 3Q 2021 shows rising sawlog prices in Sweden both on a monthly basis as well as on a yearly comparison. Pine logs cost now an average of SEK 496/m³ (€ 49.6/m³) a 1% rise over Q2/2021, while spruce logs were traded in 3Q/2021 at SEK 537/m³ (€ 53.7/m³), 2% more expensive over the previous quarter. On a YoY basis, all sawlog prices are considerably higher in 3Q/2021. Pine sawlogs are 6.9% more expensive over Q3/2020, while spruce price is 15.2% higher over a year ago. Pulpwood prices are rather stable when compared to Q2/2021.

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