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WhatWood Blog Forestry & Logging Roundwood prices in Finland increased in June 2021

Roundwood prices in Finland increased in June 2021

28 July 2021 ` 12:42  

Trade of roundwood in Finland non-industrial private forests continued to be exceptionally active in June, with 8.2 million m³ of roundwood purchased by the forest industry. The volume of roundwood trade during in 1H 2021 was 57% higher than a year earlier.

The stumpage prices of roundwood continued to rise in June 2021. Pine logs fetched an average of €65.2, and spruce logs €68.8 per m³ in standing sales. The price level of softwood logs was about 1% higher than in May.

The standing sale price was €19.9 per m³ for pine pulpwood, €22.4 for spruce pulpwood and 18.8 for birch pulpwood. The average price level of pulpwood increased by 2% from the previous month.

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