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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Sveza starts shipping plywood for Kögel GmBH

Sveza starts shipping plywood for Kögel GmBH

30 November 2021 ` 17:36  

Sveza has shipped first batches of plywood to Kögel GmBH, one of the world’s largest producers of cargo trailers, from its mill in St. Perersburg, Russia. Earlier, Kögel successfully tested Sveza’s trailer flooring plywood at its manufacturing facility in Moscow. While the parties are keeping confidential the details of the contract, they have disclosed that Sveza will supply to Kögel several thousands of cubic meters of plywood annually.

Commercial vehicle industry is a key customer segment for Sveza. As part of the efforts to develop it, in spring 2021 Sveza launched production of 5×11 feet (1525х3355 mm) plywood at is mill in St. Petersburg. In cargo trailer construction, large plywood panels allow to reduce the weight of the trailer and thus increase its load capacity.

According to open sources, there are five leading manufacturers of cargo trailers in the European market. About one-third of the trailers they make have floors made of Sveza’s laminated birch plywood.

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