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Pulp & Paper

News on Russian pulp and paper industry.

Head of Duma Forest Council: Russia’s accession to WTO will cause mill closures, but will help Russian loggers

November 20, 2012 ` 13:34  
Moscow, November 20. Woodworking and pulp and paper mills will possibly go through massive closures after Russia’s accession to WTO, as predicted by former Vologda region governor, now Head of Forest Council in State Duma Vyacheslav Pozgalyov. Russian...

Several Russian pulpmills announced falling sales in Jan-Sep 2012

November 19, 2012 ` 07:53  
Petrozavodsk-Perm-Chita, November 19. Last week, several pulp and paper mills in Russia published quarterly financial reports announcing falling sales in January-September 2012 year-on-year. Kondopoga mill (Karelia) sales declined 4.25% down to 10.07 billion Rubles (€249.7 million). This large...

Enissey pulpmill expanded its investment program to build a bark-chip boiler

November 14, 2012 ` 11:30  
Krasnoyarsk, November 14. By June 2013, Enissey pulpmill (Krasnoyarsk, belongs to Continental Management holding) is planning to build a new bark-chip boiler which will generate 25 tons of steam per hour, as Continental Management press service reported. Cost...

Amazar pulpmill project started with beam production

November 14, 2012 ` 09:41  
Chita, November 14. Another media confirmed that first stage of Amazar pulpmill project, ‘’Polyarnaya’’, is launched in Zabaikalskiy region. It is a joint Russian-Chinese project with total investment scope of $215 million, including the infrastructure. The mill, however,...

Baikal pulpmill disclosed 2011 results

September 7, 2012 ` 11:42  
Baikal pulpmill (Irkutsk region) has issued its annual report for 2011, being last of the large forest industry companies. The company underlines four enterprises as its competitors: three mills of Ilim Group and Arkhangelsk PPM. The company quotes...

Perm region governor said Kama pulpmill has billions of debts

August 30, 2012 ` 17:44  
Permregion governor Viktor Basargin made a visit toKamapulpmill and said the premises have gloomy look, while the mill has billions of debts. According to Basargin, Investlesprom holding is not very transparent in the mill rehabilitation procedure, so the...

Baikal pulpmill opened new job offers

August 19, 2012 ` 16:31  
On August 14, Baikalsk pulpmill management cancelled the regulation on layoff of all workers and announced new job offers at the mill. As bankruptcy manager Aleksandr Ivanov said, the personnel were not provoked and carried on with the production. If...

Arkhangelsk pulp & paper mill increased board production by 2%

August 19, 2012 ` 16:27  
Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill (Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region) increased production of board and paper for corrugation by 1.8% in the first half-year, up to 242,300 tons, corporate press service reported. Fiberboard production increased by 18% to 3.5 million sq m....

Net benefit of Mondi Syktyvkar decreased one third in H1 2012

August 16, 2012 ` 23:40  
Net benefit of Mondi Syktyvkar OJSC (Republic of Komi) decreased by …% to … billion roubles (€… million) in the first half-year compared to H1 2011, according to the quarter report. Sales grew by …% to … billion roubles (€… million)....

WTO possibly to stop a line at Kondopoga

August 16, 2012 ` 23:32  
Newsprint maker Kondopoga mill (Republic of Karelia) will have to stop one of its paper-making machines after new rates will become active due to Russia’s accession to WTO, as head of Federal Forest Agency (Rosleskhoz) Viktor Maslyakov supposed at the agency...

AVA+2 to increase bord sales by 30% after production upgrade

August 14, 2012 ` 12:33  
Omsk-based AVA+2 board mill (belongs to Continental Management) is going to boost sales by 30% and upgrades its capacities to meet this target. If you want to read full article, please subscribe for our Weekly —

A chance for Baikalsk

August 14, 2012 ` 12:30  
Baikalsk pulpmill (Irkutsk region) has received prolongation of the approval to dispose wastes into Lake Baikal. The approval now is active till August 05, 2013, as reported by local paper quoting Baikalsk town mayor Valeriy Pintaev. As the paper says, the...