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Pulp & Paper

News on Russian pulp and paper industry.

Selenga mill: Containerboard prices in Russia in 2013 will grow by 11%

January 30, 2013 ` 23:11  
Ulan-Ude, January 30. Selenga pulp and board mill (located in Buryatia Republic, belongs to Continental Management holding) expects a 16% growth in containerboard sales in 2013. In value terms, growth would amount to 29%. This will be possible...

Full list of Expert Council for Forest Industry membership published

January 25, 2013 ` 15:56  
Moscow, January 25. Full line-up of the Expert Council for Forest Industry at State Duma has been recently announced, as assistant of Vyacheslav Pozgalyov, Duma Deputee, told WhatWood. Mr. Pozgalyov who was once Vologda region governor and now...

Södra leaves Angara Paper pulpmill project in Russia

January 18, 2013 ` 14:17  
Växjö (Sweden), January 18. Södra decided to leave the project with Angara Paper company to build a Eniseyskiy LKhK pulpmill in Russia. Swedish company was invited to take part in construction of a greenfield mill in southern Siberia....

Papcel to build a paper mill for Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi in Belarus for €69 million

January 14, 2013 ` 11:35  
Mogilyov, January 14. Czech equipment producer Papcel signed the biggest contract in its history with Belarusian pulp and paper concern Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi located in Shklov (Mogilyov region) on delivery of a complex line for production of fancy...

Baikal pulpmill set on bankruptcy administration and received €11.4 million VEB’s credit

December 28, 2012 ` 08:29  
Irkutsk, December 28. Arbitration court set bankruptcy administration at Baikal pulpmill until June 05, 2013 following the request of the external administrator. The mill is bankrupted, and Aleksandr Ivanov is appointed its insolvency administrator. At the court session,...

Head of Arkhangelsk pulpmill board: next year will bring growth for pulp & paper industry

December 28, 2012 ` 08:21  
Arkhangelsk, December 28. Head of Arkhangelsk pulpmill’s board of directors Heinz Zinner gave his forecast on the industry in 2013. Until recently, there was no possibility to evaluate clearly state of the pulp and paper industry, Dr. Zinner...

Pulp & paper companies prepared amendments to the draft Forest Policy at the Adam Smith Conference in Vienna

December 21, 2012 ` 12:00  
Vienna, December 21. Austria’s capital hosted 17th Adam Smith Conference “Pulp & Paper in Russia and CIS” in early December. Following the results of it, a workgroup will prepare a Resolution of the conference and send it to...

Ilim Group revealed details of the start of its coated paper production

December 13, 2012 ` 12:22  
St. Petersburg, December 13. Ilim Group held a meeting with representatives of Russia’s largest printing offices and distributors of print media and paper products in order to familiarize them with the progress on construction of the first coated...

Belarusian president prohibited forest workers to quit their jobs until mill modernization is finished

December 4, 2012 ` 09:38  
Minsk, December 04. Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenko paid a visit to Borisovdrev mill and made a regulation to prohibit all the workers in the industry to quit their jobs until modernization of the state holding BelLesBumProm is finished....

FAO: Russian lumber production to grow by 3.5-4 million cu m by 2016

December 4, 2012 ` 05:25  
Rome, December 04. Logging and production of lumber, wood-based panels, pulp, and paper will further grow in Russia until 2030, as predicted by the experts in a joint study made by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of United...

Arkhangelsk pulpmill to install Bielomatik P15-90 copybook-making line

December 3, 2012 ` 17:52  
Arkhangelsk, December 03. Metorg GmbH company (exclusive representative of German equipment producer Bielomatik on the Russian market) has concluded a contract with Arkhangelsk pulpmill on delivery of automatic line BIELOMATIK P15-90 to produce copybooks, as mill’s press service...

Volga and Turinskiy pulpmills reported increased sales, but declined net profit in January-September 2012

November 30, 2012 ` 05:21  
Yekaterinburg-Nizhniy Novgorod, November 30. Large Russian forest industry companies continue to publish quarterly reports. Turinskiy pulpmill (Sverdlovsk region) reported growth of sales by 2.7% year-on-year to 863.6 million Rubles (€21.6 million). Net profit, however, declined by 41.2% down...