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WhatWood Blog Forestry & Logging WhatWood announces the 5th annual review Russian Forest Industry in 2015-2016

WhatWood announces the 5th annual review Russian Forest Industry in 2015-2016

WhatWood analytic agency has started preparation of the 5th annual review Russian Forest Industry in 2015-2016.

As usual, at this time of the year we summarize the results of the past year and give the overview of the current situation.

Russian forest products market continues to live through transformation amidst slowing global economy, strong devaluation of the rouble and falling commodity prices on the world markets. Export-oriented forest industry of the country still gathers extra profits in rouble terms, however, the list of problems for the timber companies grows further. In 2015, timber price situation was the most challenging in seven years, and according to the outlook, domestic and global market conditions will remain unfavourable for the timber industry in 2016. Nevertheless, there are several factors that may put an end to falling prices, although with growing competition.

Amidst falling timber prices on the global markets, slowing construction rates in China, and US dollar strengthening to most of the import currencies, the matter of cutting costs and seeking opportunities to conserve competitiveness becomes more and more important.

Under current conditions, forest industry becomes the matter of increased attention for the government, as it may turn to an additional source of budget income, especially with weak oil prices.

We invite you to take a look at the results of 2015 for the timber industry of Russia.

Russian Forest Industry in 2015-2016
Language: Russian, English
Pages: over 100
Format: PDF
Price: EUR 800
Release date: March 2016

The review will present a detailed analysis of the timber industry sectors and its major trends; key indicators of industry performance (dynamics of output, consumption, imports, exports, prices in terms of regions and enterprises), as well as comments of market players.

• The state of the Russian economy and its influence on forestry and forest industry of Russia, the positioning on the global market;
• Changes in the forest legislation of the Russian Federation in 2015-2016;
• Analysis of the annual dynamics of the main forest product indicators (output, imports, exports, prices) in 2005-2015;
• Capacity changes in the processing industry;
• Approved and launched priority investment projects in the forest industry;
• The main industry development trends in 2015-2016;
• Production in terms of the following products: roundwood, sawn timber, wood-based panels (particleboard, OSB, fibreboard, MDF, plywood), pulp, paper, cardboard, packaging, biofuels; dynamics in terms of regions;
• Overview of the largest producers of forest products;
• Key events in the Russian forest sector in 2015-2016.

To order the review please write our analysts at If you have questions about this publication, you can also call us at +7 905 704 5133 (Moscow GMT +3).

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