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Pulp & Paper

News on Russian pulp and paper industry.

Bank of Moscow increased its share in Investlesprom up to 27%

August 5, 2012 ` 14:23  
The Bank of Moscow increased its share in Investlesprom holding (headquartered inMoscow,Russia) from 23.4% to 26.9%. The bank is now the main creditor of the company: Investlesprom’s debts reach 30 billion roubles (€766.6 million). If you want to...

Ilim Group’s Mills in Siberia Manufactured 732,000 tons of Pulp and Paper Products Over First Six Months of 2012

August 5, 2012 ` 14:12  
Over the six months of 2012, OJSC Ilim Group’s mills in Siberia (the Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk Mills) manufactured 732,000 tons of pulp and paper products. As compared to the first six months of the previous year, production output...

Arkhangelsk pulpmill raised prices for board and corrugating paper

July 24, 2012 ` 01:19  
Since August 01, 2012, Arkhangelsk pulpmill (Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region) announced price hikes on board and corrugating paper by 2,000 roubles per ton (€50.6). Hikes are effective since August 01, 2012, for internal market. If you want to read full article,...

Kiev board & paper mill increased corrugated board output by 31%

July 24, 2012 ` 01:17  
In the first half of 2012, Kiev board & paper mill (Obukhov, Kiev region, Ukraine) increased market products output by 7.4% year-on-year, as company reported. Sales grew by 8.5%. If you want to read full article, please subscribe for our...

Investlesprom reorganization in Vologda region was a mistake – CEO

July 12, 2012 ` 02:26  
Reorganization of Investlesprom holding in 2011 which separated production and management inVologdaregion was a mistake, as said by Investlesprom CEO Anton Zavalkovskiy at the meeting with regional authorities, corporate press service reported. Zavalkovskiy said that it undermined performance...

Investlesprom fired Kama pulpmill CEO

July 9, 2012 ` 16:22  
Investlesprom holding replaced Kama pulpmill Chief Executive, Georgy Bandovskiy, as several sources quote. Also, several dismissions are reported at the mill’s top management. Georgy Bandovskiy was the head of the mill since September 2007, when the company was still in the...