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WhatWood Blog Forestry & Logging Pulp wood supply may not fully satisfy consumer demand

Pulp wood supply may not fully satisfy consumer demand

15 March 2024 ` 19:53  

The demand from enterprises processing softwood and hardwood pulp wood remained quite high in February. It is exacerbated by the forthcoming spring season of bad roads that will limit the operation of vehicles, as reported in the monthly price review Russian Wood Resources Report.

Harvesting enterprises from the Volga Federal District surveyed by WhatWood are concerned by the potentially dwindling pulp wood supply in the open market. These concerns are relevant for both softwood and hardwood as harvesting enterprises are minimizing hauling of pulp wood to the market, preferring to use the wood for their in-house needs.

No large-scale growth of pulp wood raw material prices occurred in February, but the first signs of the potential price behavior are already obvious.

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