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ULK Group is planning to start producing wood pellet boilers in 2023

2 October 2023 ` 18:54  
A shop to produce boiler equipment is being created at the premises of the Ustyansk Machine-Building Plant (part of ULK Group) in Velsk (Arkhangelsk Region), as reported by the ULK press office. At the moment, concrete-casting operations at...

Pestovsky LPK suspends production

19 December 2022 ` 17:26  
As of December 1, 2022, Pestovsky LPK (Pestovo, Novgorod Region) suspends its activity for at least half a year. The key reason is the effect of sanctions-related restrictions imposed by Western countries, which entailed a four-fold decline in...

ULK Group upgraded its wood pellet equipment at Ustyanovsky LPK

3 December 2021 ` 16:16  
A granulating press in the pelletizing shop of the wood pellet plant at Ustyanovsky LPK was upgraded. New bearings developed by a special order from ULK Group were installed. Their application will significantly extend the service life of...

ULK Group upgraded its wood pellet loading area at Ustyansky LPK (Arkhangelsk Region)

9 November 2021 ` 11:38  
The company reports that the new rotary sieve and turnover device improved the quality of shipped product and accelerated wood pellet loading in containers. Upon completion of startup and commissioning, the equipment is running at full capacity.

ULK Group upgraded its green sawn timber sorting line at Pestovsky LPK

29 October 2021 ` 22:38  
The plant located in the Novgorod Region completed installation and setup of the cross-section measuring instrument at the raw sorting area of the sawmilling shop. The new equipment is supposed to improve the accuracy of sawn timber sorting...

Ustyansky LPK (ULK Group) started upgrading its forest selection and seed center

29 October 2021 ` 22:23  
The forest area was registered and the forest nursery’s footprint was expanded. They are simultaneously signing contracts for production and delivery of six new greenhouses and construction of 17 hardening sites.

ULK Group will spend 5 billion rubles to upgrade its harvesting machinery

17 September 2021 ` 19:17  
In July 2021, the Group signed contracts with Scania and Ferronordic — the authorized dealer of Volvo in Russia. 60 Scania log trucks with the hauling volume of 160 m³ and two experimental vehicles for 200 m³ of...

UTK LLC (ULK Group) organized operation of Doppstadt 811H wood chipper in Vinogradovsky District

13 November 2020 ` 16:58  
The machine is designed for processing wood into chips for the boiler house. The new equipment will make it possible to accumulate a sufficient volume of bio fuel for the heating season in Selmenga village to start on...

Russian Timber Journal 05-2020: how the current decline in exports of timber products caused by COVID-19 is similar to the situation of the 2008-2009 crisis; the Russian Government granted a six-month deferral to priority investment projects in the forest sector; DNS Les started producing OSB in Primorsky region

Russian Timber Journal 05-2020: comparing the 2008-2009 crisis with the current decline of forest products exports during the pandemic; in the Russian Far East was opened the first OSB production; the Russian government has granted a six-month deferment to...

Russian Timber Journal 04-2020: Opinion poll of Russian timber companies on the impacts of the coronavirus on outputs and sales; the Government of the Russian Federation approved a list of systemic timber enterprises and measures to support them; how the spread of COVID-19 affects operations of world timber companies (update)

Russian Timber Journal 04-2020: in mid-May 2020, WhatWood agency conducted an express survey of the largest timber industry players about how the coronavirus epidemic affected their production activities and the sales situation; the Government of the Russian Federation approved...