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WhatWood Agency announces Russian Wood Pellet Market, a monthly price review

12 August 2020 ` 09:41  
In response to the growing market demand for high-quality and up-to-date information, WhatWood Timber Industry Analytics Agency has launched Russian Wood Pellet Market, a monthly price review. «The global market of wood pellets is growing at an average...

Russian Timber Journal №10-2018: demand for Russian plywood in the Arab market; in 2018, the overall value of Russia’s forest product exports will reach $12 billion; and sales forest product exports from Russia in Jan-Aug 2018

7 November 2018 ` 14:00  
Russian Timber Journal №10-2018 The demand for Russian plywood in the Arab market In Russia, with the growth of plywood production capacities, companies are interested in scaling up and increasing the distribution channels for their products. In contrast...

Top 20 lumber exporters from Russia in Q1-Q3 2012

20 February 2013 ` 03:44  
In today’s infographics we present Top 20 exporters of Russian lumber. Click on the image to enlarge it:

Logging in Arkhangelsk region becomes more and more loss-making

16 November 2012 ` 17:47  
Arkhangelsk, November 16. Since 2007, there has been loss-making logging trend in Arkhangelsk region: in five years, net loss grew from 80.1 million Rubles in 2007 (€2 million) to 506.5 million Rubles in 2011 (€12.5 million), as reported...

Lumber export from Russia fell by 2.7% to 9.3 million cu m in the first half of 2012

21 September 2012 ` 08:33  
In the first half-year, lumber production in Russia amounted to 13.8 million cu m, which is 1.3% higher than in H1 2011, while export declined by 2.7%; import fell by 15.5%. In the export pattern, DAF and FCA...

Export of sawn timber from Russia fell by 7.6% in Q1 2012 – WhatWood Analytic Service

12 July 2012 ` 02:18  
Export of softwood and hardwood lumber from Russiain the first quarter of 2012 fell by 7.6% down to 3.9 million cu m, while its customs value decreased by 2.7% down to $710.7 million, as said in the quarterly...