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Financial performance of the Russian timber industry began to improve but is still far from the 2021 peaks

15 January 2024 ` 20:59  
Q1 2022 saw the historic high of timber enterprises’ quarterly revenue (740 billion rubles). The financial performance began to deteriorate drastically starting from Q2 2022 as European markets became unavailable. According to an estimate by WhatWood, in 2022,...

Demand for furniture boards exceeded the supply in October

18 December 2023 ` 20:26  
In October 2023, a regular high furniture season came, which coincided with the relatively high demand for furniture boards that had persevered throughout the summer. However, if the demand matched the supply of boards in summer, now the...

Russian timber industry in 1H 2023: cautious signs of recovery

3 October 2023 ` 17:54  
The new reality and economic circumstances are still challenging the timber industry. On the one hand, Russia’s excess of resources generates investors’ interest; on the other hand, it turns into a bottleneck in terms of timber products consumption...

Russia exports almost no unprocessed timber

12 April 2023 ` 17:28  
In 2022, the volume of roundwood export from Russia dropped by almost 4 times, down to 3.5 million m³. Supplies to China account for 80% of the export volume. Russia has never exported so little unprocessed timber in...

Valeriy Sergeevich Sukhanov, D. Eng., Honored Worker of the Russian Forest Industry: “The Russian timber industry has degraded”

9 February 2023 ` 15:22  
On the cusp of drastic changes occurring in the Russian timber industry, it was thrilling to talk to a professional whose experience in this area spans over six decades. Valeriy Sergeevich Sukhanov started his career as a timber...

In 2022, the sawn timber export from Russia dropped to an 8-year low

9 February 2023 ` 13:07  
The export of sawn timber is the most important source of income for the Russian timber industry. The number of countries that were buying Russian sawn timber has been consistent over the past decade: 105–110. In December 2022,...