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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Sveza mill in St. Petersburg has begun the production of plywood of a new format

Sveza mill in St. Petersburg has begun the production of plywood of a new format

18 March 2021 ` 20:16  

Sveza mill in St. Petersburg has launched the production of large-format plywood measuring 5×11 feet (1525х3355 mm). The introduction of a new product is due, on the one hand, to the customer demand in the transport and construction segments, and on the other hand, to its high added value.

In particular, the new format will allow automakers to reduce the weight of cargo trailers. This is important both for the trailer manufacturers themselves and for their customers – cargo carriers. By reducing the weight of trailers, they will be able to increase the volume of cargo transported. In the construction industry, 5×11 plywood is used in the manufacture of cheek boards. Cheek boards are necessary for the construction of buildings and structures with high ceilings, as well as for the construction of columns, elevator shafts, and staircases.

In total, about 150 million rubles have been invested in the project related to the launch of the new format. A partial upgrade of production capacity was required. One of the hot presses, veneer stackers at various stages of production, and transfer cars for moving marginal and finished products were upgraded. In addition, it was necessary to purchase new high-tech equipment. In particular, in January, the second CNC machine for format cutting of plywood was put into operation at the mill. Its characteristic feature is the ability to perform operations with large plywood sheets (up to 4000×1900 mm), up to 100 mm thick and weighing up to 200 kg.

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