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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Plywood is growing cheaper rapidly in the Russian market

Plywood is growing cheaper rapidly in the Russian market

20 December 2021 ` 16:51  

According to a monthly price review by WhatWood Agency, retail prices for the most popular thicknesses — 8 and 10 mm (interior grade plywood, 1525х1525, Grade 4) in the Volga region dropped by 19% and 16% respectively in November 2021 compared to the previous month. Sellers report a low demand for plywood, which is not surprising with the “suspended animation state” of the construction season; they do, however, note that OSB sales are now higher. At the same time, DIY chain stores are maintaining the plywood prices at the October level.

Prices for plywood in the Volga Federal District remain at a high level compared to November 2020, exceeding last year’s performance by more than 60%.

Read more about prices for wood-based panels (including plywood) in our monthly review “Wood-Based Panels Market in Russia”.

“Wood-Based Panels Market in Russia” aims at monitoring the current market prices for wood-based panels, analyzing the reasons for their changes and providing short-term forecasts. Market prices are monitored based on four key metrics: retail price index, producer price index and export price index. The methodology for collecting data on the prices is based on surveys of wood-based panel producers, traders, distributors and furniture factories.

This informational and analytical product enables participants of the wood-based panels market to navigate the situation “here and now”, identify and adjust business processes and compare the current situation with the circumstances in the industry.

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