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WhatWood Blog Woodworking DOTS to sell pellets to Denmark

DOTS to sell pellets to Denmark

26 June 2013 ` 20:28  

DOTS company (Bryansk region) will launch new pellet plant in October 2013, as reported. The company produces hardwood lumber from oak, maple and ash, parquet, window frames and doors. The production is already waste-free, as the company has been converting waste into pellets since 2008.

Investments into new plant amounted to €5 million. Every month, the line will produce 6-7 thousand tonnes of pellets. The company is presently establishing distributor network in Denmark to sell the products.

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reviews (4)

  1. Pierobon Alberto пишет:

    13 Apr 2014

    Goodmorning, i’m interested to buy White pellet 6mm (100% pine wood) in big-bag delivered in North italy (Venice/Padova), quantity 100 Tir for year every year, or in little bag with my logo.I want know if is possible know your best price for any type of bag (big-bag or little bag 15Kg).

    • Kirill Baranov пишет:

      07 Jul 2014

      Dear Alberto, sorry, the comments system was not working well and I just saw your message.
      As timber market consultants, we’re able to search for suppliers in Russia for you, feel free to write me at

      • Schneider пишет:

        09 Mar 2015

        Hallo Her Kirill Baranov, können Sie mir helfen einen Pellet Hersteller zu finden der mir pellet liefern kann?
        Wir brauchen im Jahr 450 Tonnen Pellet.
        Würde mich über eine Antwort von Ihnen sehr freuen.
        Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

        • Kirill Baranov пишет:

          31 Mar 2015

          Dear Schneider,

          I have replied to your email.


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