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Sea Port of Saint Petersburg JSC increased wood pellets transshipment in 2020

January 29, 2021 ` 21:57  
According to CM Biomass, in 2020, Sea Port of Saint Petersburg JSC increased wood pellets transshipment by 65% YoY to 744,000 tons.

Rustrans DV exported 500 tons of wood pellets to South Korea

December 10, 2020 ` 19:24  
Rustrans DV, a Russian producer, supplied 500 tons of wood pelletes to Korea, for the total amount of $60,000, within the export contract signed with the consulting support of the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the...

Sea Port of Saint Petersburg JSC increased wood pellets transshipment 

December 7, 2020 ` 18:42  
In January — September 2020, Sea Port of Saint Petersburg JSC received 531,000 tons of wood pellets and loaded 502,000 tons on ships.

In Q3 2020, timber cargo transportation by railway in Russia increased by 4%

December 4, 2020 ` 18:21  
According to data from TransLes analytical center, the market demonstrates a tendency to restore the volumes based on the results of 9 months in 2020, despite the fact that some segments are still affected by quarantine restrictions. Long-term...

China-Europe container shortage causes major surge in freight rates

November 27, 2020 ` 16:32  
The recovery in China’s manufacturing activity after the Covid-19 lockdown has surged progressively and after a halt caused by quarantine measure in the European countries, demand for Chinese products in Europe has increased. Thus, a shortage of containers...

Russian Timber Journal 10-2020: European Union is going to conduct an anti-dumping investigation in relation to birch plywood import from Russia, EU may impose duties; interview with Ilya Korotkov, Director General at Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Mill; Russia is consistently growing the export of larch sawn timber

Russian Timber Journal 10-2020: the European Commission reported the start of the investigation that will determine whether Russian birch plywood import is subject to dumping and whether the European Union industry was harmed; WhatWood Agency had a conversation...

Customs Clearance and Customs Control Department of the Kansk customs post opened at Karabula station of the Krasnoyarsk Railways

November 11, 2020 ` 18:07  
This will simplify processing of export timber loads departing from Karabula station and reduce loaded trains detention.

Segezha Group is building a new railway spur on the premises of Lesosibirsky LDK No.1

November 10, 2020 ` 19:04  
This is the third stage of implementing an investment project on Building Non-Public Railway Tracks at Lesosibirsky LDK No.1. Three railway spurs have been laid at previous stages, as well as an encircling route with the total length...

Pinezhsky Timber Holding is going to build a new main haul road in the Arkhangelsk Region

November 9, 2020 ` 21:30  
The company is continuing to develop its new area in Leshukonskoye forestry unit (Arkhangelsk Region), as reported by ULK Group. On-site surveys and land allotments have already been conducted, a forest use report has been submitted. One of harvesting...

Segezha Group is gradually reducing export shipments of its sawn timber by water in packs

November 3, 2020 ` 18:44  
Sawn timber transportation by water in packs accounts for 80% of the total volume of the Group’s export shipments. Segezha Group plants also ship finished products in containers within multi-modal transport. In H1 2020, Lesosibirsky LDK No.1 shipped...