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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Z-Press for CLT cross layers at Stora Enso put into operation

Z-Press for CLT cross layers at Stora Enso put into operation

11 November 2020 ` 17:26  

Despite Covid-19 and the consequencing difficult conditions, a complete CLT cross-layer system with a new Z-press CL was assembled on time and on schedule at Stora Enso in Ybbs. This system is specially designed for the quick and easy production of cross-layer panels. There are very few interfaces, as the system was mostly implemented by Ledinek.

The newly developed Z-press CL is also used for assembly bonding of cross-layer laminations using hotmelt glue and optionally also with white glue. Multiple widths or single-layer panels are manufactured from laminations glued on the narrow side. Such pre-glued single-layer panels are indispensable for the advanced and high-performance cross laminated timber production and thus introduce a new quality of CLT production.

Stora Enso’s Ybbs sawmill in northern Austria produces sawn timber and processed timber – including glued laminated boards, balks, lamellas and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

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