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Global Trends Review, March 24 – April 06, 2014: The year in Europe starts with growing construction; China bans logging in Heilongjiang

14 April 2014 ` 19:58  
In January 2014 compared with January 2013, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector increased by 8.8% in the euro area (EU18) and by 7.3% in the EU28, as Fordaq said quoting Eurostat. The highest increases in production...

Global Trends Review, March 10-23, 2014: CLT and other engineered products are conquering new markets

26 March 2014 ` 22:32  
Idaho Forest Group (US) and Johann Offner Group (Austria) have announced plans to introduce CLT technology to the United States together, Holzkurier reported. The new company will primarily market a product known in German-speaking countries as KLH, a...

Base prices for Russian softwood timber in Europe in 2013

2 March 2014 ` 18:10  
Exports of softwood timber from Russia to Europe amounted to 4.36 million m3 in 2013. The countries of Baltic region and North Sea constitute the major market there, the largest importers being Finland, Germany, Estonia, France, UK, and...

Investlesprom completed modernization at Sokolsky DOK worth €14.6 million

2 March 2014 ` 18:36  
Russian timber industry holding Investlesprom has completed its investment project to build the further processing capacities at Sokolsky DOK in the Vologda region. Investments totalled at RUR 725 million (€14.6 million). The technological chain was updated almost completely:...

Global Trends Review, February 10-23, 2014: EU timber consumption slowly rising; Japanese timber demand prospects are unclear

2 March 2014 ` 17:39  
Consumption of softwood lumber in Europe is slowly increasing from a very low level, according to Fordaq which quotes study by International Forest Industries (IFI) published at The sharp decline by 32% in past years was mainly...

Global Trends Review, January 13-26, 2014: results of 2013 for Central European sawmillers; pellet prices stable, but under pressure

3 February 2014 ` 15:45  
At the beginning of the year the average price of wood pellets in Germany has slightly decreased, as the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) reported. January price is €284.93/t, which is 0.2% lower than in December...

In 2013, DAF prices of Russian timber in China decreased

16 January 2014 ` 03:08  
During eleven months of 2013, average export prices for timber shipments from Russia to China at various shipping points were in the range of $77- $165 per m3 on DAF conditions. The average price of pine lumber on...