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WhatWood Blog Woodworking In 2013, DAF prices of Russian timber in China decreased

In 2013, DAF prices of Russian timber in China decreased

16 January 2014 ` 03:08  

During eleven months of 2013, average export prices for timber shipments from Russia to China at various shipping points were in the range of $77- $165 per m3 on DAF conditions.

The average price of pine lumber on DAF conditions in Zabaikalsk during January-November 2013 was down 8% compared with the same period in 2012, that is $117.8 per cubic metre. The physical volume of exports there fell 11% to 2.2 million m3.

A similar situation developed at the dispatch station Naushki on DAF terms: average export prices fell by 7% in January-November to $86 per cubic metre. Export in physical terms declined by 10% to 319 thousand m3.

Average prices for pine lumber, DAF Grodekovo terms, fell 15% to $136.3 per m3, physical volume of exports increased by 50% to 15.3 thousand m3.

Larch sawn timber on DAF Grodekovo terms rose in price by 1% to $148.5 per cubic metre. Exports in physical terms, however, decreased by 7% to 131.8 thousand m3.

Despite the apparent reduction in shipments of sawn timber in January-November 2013 on DAF terms, the total export volume of sawn timber to China shows a steady growth in 2013. In January-November 2013, the exports amounted to 7.5 million m3, which is 13.5% higher than in the previous year.

Zabaikalsk, Naushki and Grodekovo are the major shipment points of Russian timber exports to China. The total export volume in physical terms through these three points in January-November 2013 amounted to 5.0 million m3, or $608.5 million in value terms.

The figures quoted are average export prices on the Russian-Chinese border on DAF terms for non-planed sawn softwood, Grade 1-5, humidity 10 to 21%.

Detailed charts with price and volume data are published in #1-2014 Russian Timber Journal.

In late 2013, we also posted a detailed infographics with softwood timber prices in China on various Incoterms.

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