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Tag: Malaysia

Malaysia: Furniture manufacturers ask again that factory operations be allowed

17 August 2021 ` 21:37  
Malaysia continues to see an upward trend in the rate of Covid-19 infections with 17,045 recorded in one day in late July, the highest ever in a day since the pandemic hit the nation. The cumulative total infected...

There has been a steady decline in the volume of Japan’s plywood imports in 1H 2020

2 September 2020 ` 17:54  
The volume of plywood imports dropped 28% YoY in 1H of 2020. Indonesia and Malaysia are the top shippers of plywood to Japan accounting for over 80% of all plywood imports. In June arrivals from Malaysia were down...

Japan’s plywood imports from China over 20% lower in May 2020

4 August 2020 ` 18:26  
Until March 2020 Japan reported a slight increase imports of plywood from the top three shippers, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Starting in April and so far statistically recognized also in May import volumes trended down. Plywood imports from...

Japan: «The plywood market is undergoing major changes»

8 August 2019 ` 12:30  
There are major changes taking place in Japan’s plywood importing sector brought on by falling production in Sarawak and to log supply issues in Indonesia, ITTO reports. The volume of May plywood imports dropped a massive 37% year...

Global Trends Review, October 14-20, 2013: European glulam consumption fell; Malaysia to emerge as major pellet exporter

28 October 2013 ` 10:18  
Data from the UNECE Timber Committee indicates that European glulam consumption fell 2.6% to 2.83 million m3 in 2012, ITTO reported. Germany and Austria have traditionally been the largest markets for glulam, while Italy and France showed rapid...

Global Trends Review, July 22-28, 2013: industry holds against wide biomass use in energy sector; Japan pushing domestic woodworking

30 July 2013 ` 20:32  
British panel industry welcomes government’s decision to cut subsidies for biomass use in the energy sector, TTJ said. The Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF) and the British Furniture Confederation (BFC) have both campaigned against government support for power...

Global Trends Review, April 08-14, 2013: Housing market drives capacity changes

15 April 2013 ` 23:44  
Since April 15, 2013, WhatWood launches English version of Global Trends Review, as announced earlier. Sawlog prices in Europe were generally lower in 2012 than in 2011 because of lower log demand from the sawmilling sector, as reported...