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WhatWood Wood house building Södra’s new facility for CLT will ten-fold production capacity

Södra’s new facility for CLT will ten-fold production capacity

24 March 2021 ` 17:59  

The new facility is being built at the combined plant in Värö, north of Varberg, where Södra’s first CLT facility is located. The new facility is expected to be commissioned in mid-2022 – and it will get off to a flying start. The facility will be able to deliver frame material for 4,000 homes each year, representing a ten-fold increase in production compared with current levels at Södra’s existing facility.

Södra’s new facility for the production of CLT is scheduled for completion in 2022. The plant premises will comprise a 270 metre-long building. The frame consists of glued-laminated timber (GLT), which is combined with CLT, naturally produced by Södra, just as Södra is responsible for the remainder of the structural timber and the cladding of the building.

The interest in sustainable timber construction has increased significantly in the market – and the trend is continuing. In 2020, 20% of all newly built housing units in apartment buildings had a timber frame, which is a considerable increase compared with earlier years. Next year, 2022, the Act on Climate Declarations will also be introduced, imposing requirements to promote more sustainable construction. This is expected to further drive up the interest in CLT.

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