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Segezha ClearPly Hits International Markets on a Large Scale

4 March 2021 ` 18:35  

Late 2020 saw Segezha Group, a Sistema company, launch its domestic plywood product Segezha ClearPly across a wide range of international markets. The product’s quality and usability have already been noted by customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Segezha ClearPly is offered in two coating options: transparent and semi-transparent. The second option features a hint of opal white guaranteed to brighten any interior.

“ClearPly sales jumped in Q2 of last year. Towards the back end of 2020, demand for the product had already built up in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia,” said Larisa Shatrova, Head of Plywood and Boards at Segezha Group. She also noted that the increase in sales was the result of the Company’s efforts and expertise, with many hours spent identifying value for end customers, gathering feedback from potential customers, and training dealers.

Segezha ClearPly’s protective film will neither blister nor flake, deform when drilled or cut, nor change colour when exposed to moisture or sunlight. ClearPly can be used to make furniture or wall plates without needing any additional treatment. Distinguished by its enhanced durability, the product is not only ideal for interior finishing but also for outdoor decoration, be it a street café, recreational area or children’s playground.

Segezha ClearPly was developed by company specialists in 2019 and has been manufactured by Vyatsky Plywood Mill LLC ever since.

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