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WhatWood Blog Woodworking LLC "Unionsped" launches sawn timber production in the Lipetsk region

LLC “Unionsped” launches sawn timber production in the Lipetsk region

20 February 2021 ` 18:20  

LLC “Unionsped” signed an agreement with the administration of the Lipetsk region. The company is implementing an investment project for the production of timber, joinery and pellets. On a 5 hectares land plot in two stages there will be implemented a plant construction with a total area of 2,000 m².

The first stage commissioning is scheduled for the January 2022, the second stage is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. The scope of investment in the project is 200 million rubles.

By the moment, the company have already arranged agreements with partners and key equipment suppliers. Also it aims to sell finished products on the European market, exporting timber, laminated veneer lumber, joinery and pellets to the European DIY chains as the main buyers of the products.

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