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WhatWood Global Trends Review Global timber market review #22/23-2016

Global timber market review #22/23-2016

31 December 2016 ` 22:21  

– Latvijas Finieris Group opens a new birch plywood mill in Kohila (Estonia), launching products with RIGA logo there, Fordaq reported. After two investment phases worth €80 million in total, a world-class birch plywood mill has been created: equipped with cutting-edge technologies and ready to process 160,000 m3 of birch veneer logs per year.

– The U.S. Lumber Coalition, the lobby group representing the American softwood industry, is expected to file a trade complaint with the U.S. Department of Commerce if negotiations break down between the Canadian and American governments to settle the lumber dispute. To support the claim, the petition will include quarterly results from publicly traded companies, Business in Vancouver reported.

– China’s timber imports from Sweden have been increasing in recent years because the Swedish Wood Industry Association has organised and participated in promotional activities in China, ITTO reports.

– Arauco, the largest Chilean radiate pine lumber supplier, announced its schedule of bulk ships in 2017 for green lumber deliveries to Japan, ITTO reported. The company plans to deliver 144,000 m3 on eight ships throughout 2017, just as in 2016.

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