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Global timber market review #22/23-2016

31 December 2016 ` 22:21  
– Latvijas Finieris Group opens a new birch plywood mill in Kohila (Estonia), launching products with RIGA logo there, Fordaq reported. After two investment phases worth €80 million in total, a world-class birch plywood mill has been created:...

Global Trends Review, November 18-24, 2013: still rising EU wood costs; commercial construction to drive industry in UK & Germany

27 November 2013 ` 23:03  
Softwood log prices in the eastern departments of France have been growing steadily for several months, Fordaq reported. At an auction, a 5% increase for pine and spruce was registered in November compared to September. Presently, pine logs...

Global Trends Review, June 03-09, 2013: surging lumber prices in Japan; growing export wood trade in early 2013; further shift of board & paper capacities

11 June 2013 ` 03:48  
To stop long lasting deflation, Japanese government took monetary easing policy, which depreciated yen’s exchange rate sharply in short time, ITTO reported. The yen/dollar rate was 78 last autumn, now it plunged to 102. Also the yen depreciated...