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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Sokolsky DOK will acquire an automatic line of splicing lamellas Ledinek worth up to 6 million euros

Sokolsky DOK will acquire an automatic line of splicing lamellas Ledinek worth up to 6 million euros

4 February 2019 ` 14:00  

In the Vologda region at the Sokolsky woodworking plant (Segezha Group, part of AFK “Systema”) continue to upgrade production facilities. This was reported by the press service of Segezha Group.

At the end of December 2018, the company signed a contract with Ledinek for the supply of automatic, fully mechanized line of splicing blanks. The capacity of the equipment is 25 m3 per hour. After the commissioning of the line, the capacity of the plant for the production of finished glued products will reach 100 thousand m3. The amount of the commercial transaction is not disclosed, but according to experts, the equipment of this level can cost from 4 to 6 million euros. Delivery of equipment and the launch of a new line for the Sokolsky DOK is planned in the first half of 2020.

With the increase in line capacity and output, it is planned to start shipping goods to Scandinavia and Japan.

“With the increase in the productivity of the line, the production of glued structural beams and houses from glued beams will reach a higher level, creating ideal conditions for balancing the load of production sites with sales planning. This is a technically and strategically important decision for us, – commented Dmitry Rudenko, Vice-President, head of the Segezha group Housing construction division.

On the Ledinek line, the lamellas will be spliced both on the vertical and on the horizontal spike to obtain high-quality parts of the required length and configuration. According to the Vice-President of the timber holding, the line includes two splicing units: Kontizink (feed speed 120 m/min) with a vertical spike and Eurozink (12 bars) with a horizontal spike. Also, the line includes setting the arrangement of a 4-storey warehouse for cumulative stacking of the slats, enabling Autonomous operation of presses for 12 pieces. Two splicing units and a storied warehouse are connected with the help of an automatic roller table system,which allows to reduce the number of maintenance personnel to a minimum, but at the same time to increase the splicing productivity.

“Technology Ledinek are of high precision machining and bonding of elements to splice glued environmentally friendly glue. Pressed lamellas for glued beams and glued structures can be produced in a range of widths from 75 to 300 mm and thickness from 20 to 80 mm. Structural wood can be produced in different lengths according to individual customer requirements. This is a very big advantage, ” added Dmitry Rudenko, Vice President of the company.

He also said that the next step of Segezha Group to modernize Sokolsky DOK is the construction of a plant for the production of construction material of the future – CLT-panels.

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