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Primorye will create round-the-clock headquarters to combat forest fires

5 March 2019 ` 14:00  

As reported the press service of the Primorsky territory administration, to form a standby team fighting forest fires with the equipment and all firefighting equipment, including the transport of water, to involve tenants of forest plots, users of hunting grounds – such Commission gave the Primorye territory Governor Oleg Kozhemyako on Tuesday 05 March 2019., at the meeting with heads of municipalities on the fire situation.

Oleg Kozhemyako stressed that in Primorye there is a fire-dangerous period due to the established dry weather and forest fires cover more and more areas. Ahead of the holidays, when residents will go to the forest for picnics, and for the remaining time in the municipalities need to prepare forces and means for rapid response to emerging fires.

Currently, according to Oleg Kozhemyako, the work on fire prevention and extinguishing is assessed as satisfactory, not reaching the assessment of “good”. At the same time, most of the dry vegetation is in the five-kilometer zone from the settlements. This, according to the Governor, is an indicator of the unsatisfactory work of the heads of districts and administrations of settlements, who are not ready for a fire-dangerous period.

Oleg Kozhemyako instructed them to conduct an audit of forces and means within two days and to provide the headquarters of the Ministry of emergency situations.

“Fires are direct damage to state property, bioresources, forest resources, and with their growth – and the threat to people’s lives. The headquarters under the leadership of the head in each district should work around the clock,” the Governor said.

He added that 92% of forest fires and thermal anomalies in Primorye are eliminated today in the first day. This is a good indicator, but the threat is still there.

Recall, to extinguish forest fires in the region created a group of more than 13 thousand people and almost 3 thousand units of equipment. A special fire protection regime operates in 11 municipalities of Primorye: in Khasan, Partisan, Lazovsky,Khankai, Kavalerovsky, Olginsky, Nadezhdinsky, Oktyabrsky, Pozharsky districts, in Ussuri and Dalnegorsky urban districts. The fire season is officially opened in 20 municipalities of Primorye. In 10 municipalities – will be announced March 15.

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