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In 2019, the Perm pulp and paper company plans to increase production by 30 %

3 March 2019 ` 16:00  

On February 20, 2019, a regular meeting of the company’s management with employees was held, at which the results of 2018 were summed up.

The meeting was opened by Alexander Sukhanovsky, General Director of the Perm pulp and paper company.

“It was a breakthrough year,” he said, ” we showed the result, for which we are not ashamed. We knew we could do a lot. Now capable of incredible”.

In 2018, the volume of production of corrugated products at the Perm pulp and paper company amounted to 229 808 thousand m2 (1.2% more than in 2017). Tare cartons produced 209.7 thousand tons (an increase of 4%). Production of high yield cellulose 69,14 thousand tons (99,6% of the plan). In the production of the corrugations commissioned a new line APSTAR HG2 924 FG and ETERNA PE1650 Saulite II. With the upgrade of production facilities, it is planned to increase production by 30% in 2019.

In 2018, work was done on the introduction of lean production, the optimization of management processes continued, the company became a member of the “Smart forest” program. Innovative products are in demand outside Russia. The company’s clients are Nestle, Henkel, PepsiCo, Danone, LUKOIL, Makfa and others.

In the production of corrugated packaging labor productivity per employee increased by 12.3%. The production process time was reduced by 56% and the total changeover time on new production lines was reduced by 40%.

Group of companies of the Perm pulp and paper company was founded in 1959 and is the largest company in the corrugated packaging industry. The Perm pulp and paper company is a vertically integrated company that provides a wide range of services: from the processing of raw materials and semi-finished products to the production and sale of finished products. The full production cycle allows us to offer customized packaging solutions for businesses operating in the food, chemical, furniture, and other industries.

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