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WhatWood No category In Selmenga "ULK" to build a boiler for bark and wood waste

In Selmenga “ULK” to build a boiler for bark and wood waste

3 March 2019 ` 19:00  

In Ustyansky heat energy company (is a part GK “ULK”) begin the design estimates of the construction of a new boiler in Selenge Vinogradivsky district of the Arkhangelsk region, as reported a press-service GK “ULK”.

At the moment, contractors are selected for the design, as well as the search for the necessary boiler equipment.

The boiler room will work on bark and wood waste and heat not only the production base of the timber industry but also other objects of the village, including houses of Selmenga.

Selmenga village is located on the right Bank of the Northern Dvina river and was founded in 1980 under the new timber industry.

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