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WhatWood Global Trends Review Global timber market review #4-2016

Global timber market review #4-2016

10 March 2016 ` 01:34  

– According to rough estimations published by ITTO, log imports from the North America to Japan in 2015 were 2.444 million m3, 19.8% less than in 2014, which is the second annual decline in a row. Based on the Japan Lumber Importers Association’s records, lumber imports from the North America for the first eleven months of 2015 were 2.089 million m3, 1.4% less than in 2014.

– Ottawa and Washington are debating about renewing the Softwood Lumber Agreement, regarding the exports of Canadian lumber to the US. The first SLA was signed in 2006 and expired in October 2015. The deal was made to resolve the dispute regarding the sale of Canadian wood products in the U.S. markets.

– The preliminary figures provided by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation indicate that 2015 was a pretty good year for the Swedish forest industry, and it had the best result in comparison with the other local basic industries, Fordaq reported. Several companies have taken decisions on major investments. Production of sawn timber continued to rise in 2015 and reached 18.1 million cubic meters, the highest indicator since 2007.

– Södra is reducing its price for pine logs since 15 February 2016 by SEK 25 per cubic metre, as an adjustment to lower market prices for finished goods. “The pine market remains under pressure. Intense competition in key pine markets in the Middle East and North Africa, mainly from Russia, has led to lower prices for finished goods from sawn pine timber. At the same time, we have a strong flow of pine logs. Due to this trend, we are now lowering our price for pine logs,” says Håkan Larsson, President of the Södra Skog business area.

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