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WhatWood Biofuel VTK Invest to launch the production of biofuel

VTK Invest to launch the production of biofuel

24 August 2020 ` 17:00  

The Industrial Development Fund (IDF) has approved a loan of 99 million rubles to VTK Invest LLC (Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia), the press service of the IDF reports. With its help, the company plans to launch the production of environmentally friendly wood processing products. The total project budget will amount to RUB 211.8 million.

It is planned to produce annually 5.000 tons of charcoal from fuel briquettes (“pini-key”), 8.000 m³ of peeled veneer and 25.000 tons of wood pellets. The main part of the products is planned to be exported to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, Korea, China), where there is a steady demand for environmentally friendly biofuels and wood products.

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