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EUTR to become UK domestic legislation starting January 1, 2021

12 November 2020 ` 19:14  
The European Timber Regulation and Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) will no longer apply in the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021. The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT will become UK domestic legislation as the...

Switzerland is working on a new timber trade regulation

4 September 2020 ` 11:07  
Since the Swiss obligation to declare wood and wood products, which has been in force since 2012, follows a completely different approach than the EU Timber Trade Regulation (EUTR) that came into force in 2013, a Swiss Wood...

Global Trends Review, May 19 – June 01, 2014: China’s domestic timber output share remained at 51%; European Q1 timber trade statistics

10 June 2014 ` 01:16  
China’s domestic timber production rose 2% to 83.67 million m3 in 2013, ITTO reported. Timber imports (logs and sawnwood) rose 18% to 79.16 million m3 log equivalent, and the value of China’s timber imports grew 26% to $16.1...

Global Trends Review, August 12-18, 2013: Further wood processing companies increasingly competing with plastics and cheaper products

22 August 2013 ` 20:17  
Competition in the further processed products has been intense recently. European producers of laminated flooring (EPLF) association expressed concern about competition from Chinese manufacturers in Russia in a press statement issued after their June meeting, as ITTO reported....

Global Trends Review, August 05-11, 2013: Overcapacity hinders wood-based panel industry in Europe

13 August 2013 ` 16:26  
Austrian company Egger has published its outlook on the industry quoted by Holzkurier. According to Dr. Thomas Leissing, Head of Finance, Administration and Logistics, there is worldwide growth except for Europe. However, in Northern Europe and Germany, a...

Global Trends Review, July 01-07, 2013: Russian lumber exports to Japan to grow 9% in 2013; EUTR changing EU plywood market

8 July 2013 ` 16:20  
The Japan Foreign Timber General Supply and Demand Liaison Conference has released forecasts for timber imports in 2013, ITTO said. While total demand for logs in 2013 is forecast to be as much as it was in 2012,...

Global Trends Review, June 10-16, 2013: lumber outlook, pellet and chip consumption surging, plastics & chemicals from wood

18 June 2013 ` 04:55  
The 35,000 members of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) produced 75.7 million m3 of softwood lumber in 2012 – 4.5% less than the year before, Holzkurier reported. A challenging situation on the log procurement front...

Global Trends Review, May 13-19, 2013: OSB demand in China predicted to grow; new board capacities to appear in China and India

24 May 2013 ` 11:10  
In the latest contracts concluded with buyers in East Asia, Baltic shippers have agreed increases of €25-30/m3 on the softwood lumber prices that applied in the first quarter, EUWID Wood reported. In North Africa, prices in the hitherto...

Global Trends Review, April 08-14, 2013: Housing market drives capacity changes

15 April 2013 ` 23:44  
Since April 15, 2013, WhatWood launches English version of Global Trends Review, as announced earlier. Sawlog prices in Europe were generally lower in 2012 than in 2011 because of lower log demand from the sawmilling sector, as reported...