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Global Trends Review, November 25 – December 01, 2013: lumber trade hindered by protectionism; CLT may add value to the European market

5 December 2013 ` 03:40  
At the Timber Market conference, organised by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, it was reported that global timber market growth is expected in 2014, but protectionism in some markets constitutes a problem, TTJ said. Swedish exports to North...

Global Trends Review, October 14-20, 2013: European glulam consumption fell; Malaysia to emerge as major pellet exporter

28 October 2013 ` 10:18  
Data from the UNECE Timber Committee indicates that European glulam consumption fell 2.6% to 2.83 million m3 in 2012, ITTO reported. Germany and Austria have traditionally been the largest markets for glulam, while Italy and France showed rapid...

Global Trends Review, September 16-22, 2013: trend to local sales in woodworking; pulp & paper equipment makers cut jobs

25 September 2013 ` 05:25  
In 2013, the output of the eight largest European softwood lumber producers is expected to increase by about 1.8 million to 100 million m3, as reported by Holzkurier journal quoting the Association of the Austrian Wood Industry. Production...

Global Trends Review, July 08-14, 2013: improvement on the construction market; second biofuel generation coming

16 July 2013 ` 01:55  
UK, Germany and the US have reported positive housing statistics recently. The UK’s largest builders group – the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) – says its latest state of trade survey shows the net balance for workloads, expected...

Global Trends Review, July 01-07, 2013: Russian lumber exports to Japan to grow 9% in 2013; EUTR changing EU plywood market

8 July 2013 ` 16:20  
The Japan Foreign Timber General Supply and Demand Liaison Conference has released forecasts for timber imports in 2013, ITTO said. While total demand for logs in 2013 is forecast to be as much as it was in 2012,...

Global Trends Review, June 24-30, 2013: pellet trade growing but causing controversies; companies choose various strategies to tackle weak demand and wood shortage

3 July 2013 ` 13:16  
600 representatives of the Austrian paper industry took part in a demonstration in Klagenfurt, says Holzkurier quoting The protest in the capital of Austria’s southern province of Carinthia was directed against the planned biomass plant in particular...

Global Trends Review, June 03-09, 2013: surging lumber prices in Japan; growing export wood trade in early 2013; further shift of board & paper capacities

11 June 2013 ` 03:48  
To stop long lasting deflation, Japanese government took monetary easing policy, which depreciated yen’s exchange rate sharply in short time, ITTO reported. The yen/dollar rate was 78 last autumn, now it plunged to 102. Also the yen depreciated...

Global Trends Review, April 15-21, 2013: New products for the recovering construction industry

23 April 2013 ` 15:52  
The spring forecast by the Pellervo Economic Research Institute (PTT) in Finland predicts rising softwood lumber exports and higher selling prices for 2013, EUWID Wood reported. The profitability of the Finnish sawmilling industry is expected to ameliorate generally....